Patio, Walkway, Fire Pit & Stonework Hardscape Design – Lincoln, RI

Patio Hardscape Design - Lincoln, RI

Looking to transform your outdoor space? Stone patios are an amazing way to revitalize and protect your landscape. Additionally, it is crucial to have the knowledge and experience to back these projects up. With our professional services, we can offer patio design and construction services to build out each client’s dream space. We take the time to communicate with each of our customers thoroughly and ensure the job gets done right the first time.

Walkway & Driveway Installation - Lincoln, RI

Another way to revitalize your landscape is to use a stone walkway to your yard or garden. You can use walkways to direct foot traffic toward your front door or improve the overall aesthetic of your property. Every client has a choice when it comes to the shape of their walkway, materials to be used (stone, brick, paver, cobblestone, or gravel), which is important in any project. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail, the planning process, and preparation to ensure our customers’ satisfaction. We want to add character, functionality and curb appeal to your dream home!

Pavers, Fire Pits & Blue Stone Construction - Lincoln, RI

Spend more quality time with your loved ones around the fire. Fire pits can be incorporated into existing or new patios or built by themselves with seating of your choice around it. Using the right materials will ensure that your fire pit will last for decades. The foundation we provide will help you build an outdoor living space of your dreams. With this service, you are not only creating a space but building memories to come.

Stairs, Walls & General Stone Work - Lincoln, RI

Your home’s exterior stairs are a crucial part of its functionality and appearance. Frequently, stone walkways and stairways are remodeled at the same time and require consistency throughout the project. Our teams are very detail-oriented and will makeover your existing steps or start from scratch if need be. We can handle your staircase design and installation needs from a simple patio step to an elaborate staircase. We will help elevate you to the next level!

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